Quick Fact Guide

Does QVI Club have 5-star properties?
Why doesn’t QVI Club have hotels in places like London, New York, Madrid or Paris?
Why can’t I insist on a specific resort at a specific travel date
Why do vacation clubs only receive an allocation of a percentage of rooms from hotels and resorts, and not the full inventory of rooms?
Why are we sometimes told there is no availability, but the hotel’s website shows there is?
In XchangeWorld, what is meant by a mixed-use property?
Why is a room booked through QVI Club sometimes more expensive than the published rates for the same room on the hotel’s website?
Are meals and transfers included in our memberships and packages?
Your booking guideline recommends booking at least 45 days in advance. Will that guarantee me availability at my choice of resort?
Why do I have to pay a Usage Fee?


Confirm your accommodation booking before buying your air tickets
Remember that our one-week stays are from Saturday-to-Saturday
Don’t book at the last minute
Make use of our website resources
Be flexible with your travelling dates
Consider alternative destinations